General Bursaries

All students enrolled in an Ontario school of medicine are automatically eligible for a $3,000 OMSBF Bursary. STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO APPLY FOR THESE BURSARIES. Each university financial aid office will nominate the students who are in the greatest financial need. The total number of bursaries available each year is determined according to first year enrolment numbers at the school. To find out if you are eligible for one of these bursaries, contact your university’s financial aid office.

Donors and Sponsors

Thank you to our lead donors and sponsors for their support:

Principal sponsors ($500,000+)

President ($250,000-$499,999)

Ambassador ($100,000-$249,000)

  • Academy of Medicine Ottawa
  • AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
  • The Late Doris C. Boes
  • The Family of the Late Arnold A. Boes
  • Essex County Medical Society
  • Sun Life Financial